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In 1979, husband and wife Alan and Jennifer Shintani started a small business called Home Projects Construction, initially focusing on residential repairs and remodeling as a source of revenue. In the early years of our company, the customer base was built through referrals from satisfied clients. Soon, however, it was obvious our company had to expand its labor force to fill the demand for more homes and to meet the needs of the rapidly growing list of referred customers.

In 1984, Home Projects Construction was expanded to form present-day Alan Shintani, Inc., which has grown into a highly respected member of Hawaii’s construction industry, offering an extensive range of cost-effective services. To date, Alan Shintani, Inc. services a wide range of clientele and takes pride in its comprehensive experience and expertise.

The industry services offered by Alan Shintani, Inc. go beyond what most would expect from a general construction company. Alan Shintani, Inc. offers demolition and site work, new residence construction, residential remodeling, commercial renovations, new commercial structures, and special construction.

With a side range of flexible and top quality in-house capabilities and the ability to provide supportive subcontractors as well as a design-build team that brings in the project on time and within budget, Alan Shintani, Inc. is the solution to just about any construction project.


View our range of cost-effective services , see our list of award-winning construction work, or take a look at our hard-working ohana. Furthermore, if you’re interested in joining our team, job opportunities are available.