Our Services


In addition to building a strong foundation by utilizing quality construction methods, Alan Shintani, Inc. has been recognized for our general contracting services. We provide general contractor services and construction management for homes, commercial buildings and Government projects. Our company has an excellent follow through record contracting assignments, negotiating the best contract or bid for our clients’ project. Specialty licenses allow Alan Shintani, Inc. to perform the following phases in-house:

  • C-5 Cabinet, millwork, carpentry remodeling and repair
  • C-6 Carpentry framing
  • C-12 Drywall
  • C-17 Excavation
  • C-24 Building moving and demolition
  • C-31 Masonry and concrete
  • C-42 Roofing

Other specialty subcontractors are pre-qualified and fill in the additional phases of construction as needed. In addition, Alan Shintani, Inc. has the design-build capabilities with a team of competent and qualified architects, engineers, and consultants that are acquired whenever such opportunities are present.


When starting a project, it is not unusual for clients to have lots of questions. Alan Shintani, Inc. has the in-house capability to provide comprehensive preconstruction consulting services. Our company takes the time to fully understand the client’s project objectives and requirements by assessing and conducting conceptual/detailed budgets, feasibility studies, site survey, and construction system selection.

Alan Shintani, Inc. also coordinates with services from adjunct firms of architects, engineers and a wide range of consultants from various disciplines and specialties to ensure that construction conforms to design criteria, quality and required details. Our company also has the combined in-house construction management personnel, quality control specialists and administrative personnel to produce a customized design package for each client.


General construction services are the core of Alan Shintani, Inc. Whether working to acquire and complete Federal projects or projects from the private sector and local Hawaii government, our team at Alan Shintani, Inc. goes above and beyond standard means to ensure that projects are completed in an efficient and first-rate manner.

Alan Shintani, Inc. provides broad choices when it comes to construction services, including plans and estimates, carpentry and masonry, residential, light commercial, demolition, remodeling and restoration and historical preservation.


Alan Shintani, Inc. has the proven track record and experience to initiate, coordinate and manage successful design-build construction projects. IN 2003 and 2004, Alan Shintani, Inc. received the Building Industry Association (BIA) Renaissance Grand Award for Major Repairs of Quarters A and C, Hale Ali’i, Pearl Harbor. This award recognizes excellence in construction design and performance in the renovation on a historical building.

Consultation is available for a variety of project needs ranging from architectural, civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering disciplines within our company’s home office. Alan Shintani, Inc. employs a staff of personnel with innovative design experience and maintains a working relationship with several design and engineering firms to form unique collaborations. These collaborations ensure clients receive inventive ideas that can be implemented into a finished quality product.


Our emphasis on “safety first,” is backed by our superior safety policy. This policy enforces strict safety requirements and health standards such as jobsite safety meetings, continuing education for safety training and certification, and maintaining qualified safety officers and accessibility of resources. At Alan Shintani, Inc., the importance of safety not only protects our employees and sub-contractors, but also assures that we meet project deadlines in a timely and secure manner.

General workplace inspections are also conducted to assure the safety and well being of our workers. Employee input on safety issues is essential to Alan Shintani, Inc.’s safety approach. Our programs to maintain a high standard of safety have received numerous awards from the Army Corp of Engineers, the Resident Officer in Charge of Contracts/Navy and Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health. The American Society of Safety Engineers also presented Alan Shintani, Inc. with 1st Place Excellence in Safety and Health for a Small Size Company for 2004 at the Pacific Rim Safety and Health Conference.