Past Projects


Alenaio Stream, Stabilize Embankment, Hilo, Hawaii
$150,000 (approx.)

Demolition of Housing Areas 300 & 600, Ft. Shafter

Improvements to Waste Oil Reclaim Facility

Landfill Run-on/Run-off Controls, KMCBH

Replace Fence & Signs Waikane Valley Impact Area, Oahu, HI

Provide Tactical Air Navigation Signs at Airfield, KMCBH

Building 1342 Addition, Fort Kamehameha, Hickam AFB

Renovate Quarters A, Hale Alii, Pearl Harbor

Renovate Code 100 Offices, First Floor, Bldg. 475, FISC, Pearl Harbor

Structural Repairs to Bldg. 405 & 406, Makalapa, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Construct Pavilion, Iroquois Point, Oahu, HI

Replace Fence with Automatic Gate, Bldg. 1, Camp Smith, HI

Replace High-Bay Lighting Fixtures, Bldg. 1090 & Bldg. 1404, KMCBH

Replace 4″ Waterline, Hale Alii, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Repair Quarters C, Hale Alii, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Replace Aeration Blower, WWTP, Fort Kamehameha, Hickam Air Force Base

Remove Insulation and Install Fire Protection, Navy Hale Keiki School, Pearl Harbor

Pave Parking Lot, Navy/Marine Golf Course, Moanalua

Construction and Erosion Control, Parsons-UXB Joint Venture, Kaho’olawe Island Reserve

Demolish & Remove Concrete Pier & Bunker, Parsons-UXB Joint Venture, Kaho’olawe Island Reserve

TASK ORDER #1 – Pave Parking Lot, Navy Marine Golf Course

TASK ORDER #2 – Replace Entrance Door, Bldg. 166, Pearl Harbor

TASK ORDER #3 – Repair Waterfront Latrine, Bldg. 387, PHNSY

TASK ORDER #4 – Maintenance Dredging at Wharves M3-M4 & S1-S8, Pearl Harbor

TASK ORDER #5 – Replace Demolition, units 184-186, Pearl City Peninsula

TASK ORDER #6 – Modify Bldg. 372, Makalapa Volcano Room, Pearl Harbor

TASK ORDER #7 – Renovate Quarters 39, Makalapa

TASK ORDER #8 – Replace Kilo Docks SWAACAAS, PHNSY

Parking Lot Lights @ The Center for Aging, TAMC

Skateboard Facility and Site Improvements

Construct Entry Walls, Castle & Cooke Renaissance, LLC

Installation of Pedestrian Walkway & Replace Lights, Trimble Road, Schofield Barracks

Aliamanu Crater Electrical Trenching

Renovate Honolulu Poi Company, Hart Street, Oahu, Hawaii


Eddie Fan Residence

New Residence for M/M Craig Tottori

New Residence for Pacific Clothing Waialae Iki V

New Residence for M/M Edmund Farm

New Residence for M/M Anthony Goo, Kaneohe

New Residence for M/M Dennis Chung

Residence for M/M Katsuki at Waialae Iki, Honolulu


Manoa Residential Re-Roofing

Hoolai St Residential Remodeling

New Kitchen Renovation for Mrs. Helen Iwatani

New Kitchen for M/M William Richardson Esq.

Renovation and Exterior Finish for Watanabe Family

Renovation for 3 Bathrooms for M/M James Yamashita

Bedroom, Bath and Kitchen Addition for Ruth Fukunaga

Apartment Renovation for Mrs. Robertson at Waikiki

Saito Residence — Work includes demolishing an existing patio, repairing termite damaged beams, and building a new enlarged patio with new screened walls and door.
Approximate Contract Value: $25,000.00

Privacy Fence, Pearl City
Approximate Contract Value: $420,000.00

Lee Residence

Richardson Residence


Fuel Equipment Storage Facility
Approximate Contract Value: $188,000.00

Women’s Bathroom
Approximate Contract Value: $320,000.00

High Performance Kites Store

Replace Puuloa Echo Pistol Range
Approximate Contract Value: $96,000


Install Traffic Signals

Ft. Shafter/Red Hill — (Design-Build) Special Construction in Ft. Shafter, Oahu, Hawaii.
Approximate Contract Value: $340,000.00
Completion Date: June 30, 2000

Mt. Kaala — Special Const (Design-Build) in Mt. Kaala, Oahu, Hawaii.
Approximately Contract Value: $140,000

Construct Sidewalk Side


Replace Pool Lights, Gutters and Expansion Joints, Richardson Pool, Schofield Barracks

Replace Grease Traps

Replace Electrical System, Bldg. 986, Schofield Barracks

Repair Electrical Service, Military Police Station, Bldg. 118, Ft. Shafter

Replace Light Fixtures, Stoneman Field, Schofield Barracks

Install Sectional Switch, Fort DeRussy, Oahu, Hawaii

Life Skills Clinic Replacement, Hickam Air Force Base

Construct Visitor Control Center, Tripler Army Medical Center, Oahu, Hawaii

Renovate Bldg. 578C, Richardson Pool Pump Room, Schofield Barracks, Oahu, Hawaii

Renovate Bldg 525, 3rd Flr, Ft. Shafter, Oahu, Hawaii

Spill Containment Fuel Truck Load Station, Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii

Repair Roofs, USARC, Hilo, Hawaii

Renovate Bldg 547, Wheeler Army Air Field Base

Repair Leaking Roofs, Bldg 535 & 536, Ft. Shafter Gas Station

Various Repairs to US Coast Guard Family Housing

New Door, Bldg. T-101, Ft. Shafter

Renovation for New Showroom and Warehouse, Futon’s Etc.

Warehouse Addition at HPC, Ltd., Honolulu Poi

Various Repairs at 7-Eleven Hawaii

Various Repairs for the US Post Office at Airport

Renovation for Krater Sports Store at Waikiki

Repairs to Hawaii Air National Guard Armory at Hickam AFB

Concrete Sidewalk & Lanai at KK Housing, US Coast Guard

Office Renovation for Ala Moana Produce

Install Handicap Ramp, Camp Smith, Oahu, Hawaii

Maui Swale Drainage

Bldg. 222 Generator

Termite Damaged Beam, Bldg. 404

Recaulk Paved Area

Install Glass Doors, Copier Area

Midas Rack

Signs At Makalapa

Recarpet Bldg. 2D

Repairs to INS Honolulu District Office

Building 475

Maui Wash Rack

Renovate Area 9000 FHU to UPH

Sewer Line, Ford Island

Fence, Bldg. 6

Lead Abatement, Halawa Drive

Redesign Intersection

Kunia Tunnel Flooring

Reroute Drain Line

Replace Windows, B-1096, KMCBH

Renovate Second Floor

CILHI Paving

Construct Technical Library, Bldg. 1757, 2nd Floor

Install A/C B661, Sub Base

Tank Replacement, Westloch

Paint Exterior, Bldg. X-11, Pearl Harbor

Signs & Graphics FISC 1900

Install A/C Bldg. 216, KMCBH

Convert Storage Area Bldg. 1554, Ft. Shafter

Recarpet/Repaint Bldg. 1554, Ft. Shafter

Fragment Retention Bldg. 140, Barbers Point

Excavate Fuel Lines at Halawa Gate, Pearl Harbor

Replace Insulation to HVAC Piping, KMCBH

AHU Bldg. 661

Replace Tennis and Basketball Court Playing Surface, Camp Smith

Various Repair to Maui USARC, Bldg. 1550

Install 3-Ton Hoist, Bldg 4036, KMCBH

Replace Steel Stairways, Bldg. 4

Repair/Renovate Existing Chapel Bldg. 3373

Renovate Restroom, Bldg. 475

Repair & Repaint Admiral’s Pier, Ford Island

Elect. for Syst. Furniture, Bldg. 525, 3rd Flr

Site Prep for Paint Spray Booth, WAAF

Replace Ceiling Tiles, Schofield Army IDQ

Quad I Air Conditioning Replacement

Design/Renovate Customer Service Area, Bldg. 475, Pearl Harbor

Paint Exterior and Repairs to Bldg. 258, Makalapa

Replace Steel Stairways, Bldg. 258, Makalapa

Repair Peeling Wall Paper, Bldg. 603, Westloch

Install Vinyl Siding, Bldgs. A4, A8 , A13 & A7, PWC

Disassemble Loading Dock, Bldg. 995, ASDS Facility, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

In addition Alan Shintani, Inc. also supports many other general contractors in furnishing subcontract work for unique and/or difficult finish carpentry, concrete and masonry work. These include:

Pacific Island Air Conditioning, Inc.
Ft. Derussy, A/C, Army Museum
Ford Island, Cooling Tower Support

Aloha Painting, Inc.
Exterior Painting, Tripler Army Medical Center

Architect Hideo Kobayashi was the director of this extensive project that involved State archaeologists to skilled finish carpenters working under strict federal specifications.

At the Rededication ceremony of the Royal Mausoleum Chapel in November 1987, both Governors Ariyoshi and Waihee, senators and legislators were in attendance of the auspicious occasion.