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Our Beginnings

In 1979, husband and wife Alan and Jennifer Shintani started a small business called Home Projects Construction, initially focusing on residential repairs and remodeling as the main business. In the early years of business, the customer base was built mainly through referrals from satisfied clients. Soon, however, the business had grown with the demand for more projects hence the company needed to expand its work force to manage this demand from rapidly growing number of referred customers.

In 1984, Home Projects Construction’s business expanded and evolved to form present-day Alan Shintani, Inc., which has become a highly recognized and respected member of Hawaii’s construction industry, offering a wide range of services.  Presently, Alan Shintani, Inc. services a diverse pool of clientele and takes pride in providing comprehensive experience and expertise.

The range of services offered by Alan Shintani, Inc. go beyond what most would expect from a typical general construction company.  Please visit the “Services” tab of this website for more information.  Our areas of business include, but is not limited to civil work, new residential construction, residential remodeling, commercial renovations or new structures, institutional/public works projects, marine/pier construction, and special projects such as historical building restoration, communication towers, high security facilities, and much more.

With our in-depth experience and top-quality in-house capabilities as well as equally competent subcontractors and design-build team, Alan Shintani, Inc. is the solution to just about any construction project.

Please contact us now for more information or to discuss your next construction project.