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Our Services

General Contracting Services

Alan Shintani, Inc. has been recognized for years in the construction community for providing quality, dependable, general contracting services for various types of projects and clients.  We provide general construction as well as construction management services for residential, commercial, and government/institutional projects. Our company has a solid foundation and the capability to take on a wide range of projects with different scopes and requirements.  We carefully and thoroughly review and analyze each project and its requirements and select the best labor force or subcontractors to successfully complete the project.


Alan Shintani, Inc. has the following Specialty licenses to self-perform the work:

  • C-5 Cabinet, millwork, carpentry remodeling and repair
  • C-6 Carpentry framing
  • C-12 Drywall
  • C-17 Excavation
  • C-24 Building moving and demolition
  • C-31 Masonry and concrete
  • C-42 Roofing


Other specialty subcontractors are pre-qualified and selected to perform the other phases of work as needed.  In addition, we have the design-build capabilities in which a team of competent and qualified architects, engineers, and consultants are retained whenever such opportunities are present.

Our Safety Approach

Our emphasis on “safety first,” is backed by our comprehensive safety policy and enforcement.  It is a  strict requirement covering safety, health, and accident prevention implemented through regular project safety meetings, continuing education, training and certification, and making resources available.  The company has the corporate safety officer who’s responsible for the overall safety program and monitoring to ensure that the program is enforced and working.  Each project is assigned a qualified Site Safety and Health Officer who reports to the corporate safety officer.  At Alan Shintani, Inc., the safety and prevention is of a paramount importance, as they not only protect our employees and subcontractors, but also assures that the project is completed in a timely and secure manner.


Our commitment to a high standard of safety has resulted in receiving numerous awards from the Army Corp of Engineers, the Resident Officer in Charge of Contracts/Navy and Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health. The American Society of Safety Engineers also presented Alan Shintani, Inc. with 1st Place Excellence in Safety and Health for a Small Size Company for 2004 at the Pacific Rim Safety and Health Conference.

Preconstruction Services

Alan Shintani, Inc. has the in-house capability to provide comprehensive preconstruction consulting services for many different types of projects. Our company takes the time to fully understand the client’s project objectives and requirements by starting with a comprehensive assessment of the project scope and providing conceptual design, feasibility study, site survey, estimated costs, and construction system options.


We also coordinate with services from adjunct firms of architects, engineers, and a wide range of consultants from various disciplines and specialties to ensure that construction conforms to codes, design criteria, quality and required details. Our company, a team of qualified and experienced construction management personnel, quality control specialists, and administrative personnel collaborate to produce a customized design package for each client.

Design & Build

Alan Shintani, Inc. has a long, proven track record and experience in managing and successfully completing design-build construction projects.  This contract type is more common in government/public works projects and also in residential/commercial projects.  Though the contract requirements differ between the two sectors, our commitment to fulfill the requirements with a competent project management team are the same.  Some of these projects completed were high profile with major importance in which the company was awarded for successful execution and completion.  See “Awards” under Our Company tab.


Consultation is available for a variety of project needs ranging from architectural, civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering disciplines within our company’s home office. We employ a staff of personnel with innovative design experience and maintains a working relationship with several design and engineering firms to form unique collaborations. These collaborations ensure clients receive inventive ideas that can be implemented into a finished quality product.

Construction Services

General construction services are the core of our company. Alan Shintani, Inc. has years of experience and knowledge in procurement process, negotiations, value engineering, budget control, quality control, and goes above and beyond standard means to ensure that projects are completed timely with efficiency and high quality.  The company is proactive in finding new technology and innovations and applying to projects as fitting, which results in saving time and/or cost.  Also, Alan Shintani, Inc. has specialized experience such as historical restoration/preservation.  The company has received numerous awards and recognitions including the Building Industry Association (BIA) Renaissance Grand Award for Major Repairs of Quarters A and C, Hale Ali’i, Pearl Harbor. This award recognizes excellence in construction design and performance in the renovation on a historical building.

Specialty Subcontractors

We are always looking to provide excellent services to our customers. If you feel you would like to be a part of our winning team, please contact us via phone at (808) 841-7631, or email us at HR@alan-shintani.com for more information.